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Video Game Ratings: Little Nightmares 2 (Personal Review)

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Games from this series (by release date):

  1. Little Nightmares

  2. Little Nightmares 2

This was as sweet (and terrifying) as the previous one ❤️

I was so shocked by the ending!! I ended up wondering if this was the sequel of the previous game or the other way around?? I really love how abstract the meaning is behind these games.

Sames as the previous one, I really love that they are cute and scary at the same time. Like it scared me enough to feel the adrenaline and to be careful cause I was effing scared of the monsters and I didn't want them to catch me. BUT I also fell in love with the characters. They're so cute!!

I love the art. I love the mechanics. I love the animations. I just love it.

In summary, you're this tiny kid living in a world of giants who want to kill you :') but this time you have a friend that helps you through the game so you're not alone. And then something happens that I'm not gonna spoil for you!

Of course it's a 5/5 😭 ❤️

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