Life is Strange: Before the Storm

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Last review I did was in August 9th about Red Dead Redemption II and it was kind of a hate review xD I hadn't played video games since then because I didn't know what to play and I was still angry for wasting my time with that game hahaha
I had played the first Life is Strange game in like 2017 or so? But I had already forgotten most of that game. Last I remembered was that it was a 'cute' teen drama game (oh I was so wrong lol - I buried deep down what really happened in that game xD). I'll come back to this later.
AAANYway...I played this game like 1 or 2 months ago: Life is Strange: Before the Storm. It's technically the second game that came out of this series, but in the timeline it's what happened before the first game. In the first game you're this girl, Max, that's coming back to her original town after living in Seattle. In this game, you're Max's best friend (Chloe) that felt left behind after Max left you for Seattle the same day your dad died in a car accident (woah, what?!).
So, this game focuses on showing how you (Chloe) fell in love or became best friends (depending on your decisions) with this girl called Rachel after your best friend (Max) left and ghosted you. Same as the other game, the ending can change depending on the decisions you make throughout the game. My ending was the ending I wanted btw :3
The heartbreaking part is that the first game (which happens in a time after Max comes back from Seattle) starts off with the fact that Rachel had disappeared and no one seemed to care. No one but Chloe </3
I was SO confused with that because I had completely deleted the existence of Rachel from the first game. The truth was too dark...
I had to watch a youtube video to remember what had happened in the first game, and then my heart broke down in a million pieces because I had just played as Chloe getting to know Rachel T^T9
There's also an additional bonus chapter that lets you see Max's and Chloe's relationship when they were kids (the day Chloe's dad dies), which was very heartwarming to see. I now have in my hands Life is Strange 2, which is the third game in the series. I'll let you know more eventually!