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✨ Alex ✨ Martinez

Software Engineer & Dev Advocate 🥑

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I rate video games 🎮

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MuleSoft for Salesforce Developers

A practitioner's guide to deploying MuleSoft APIs and Integrations for Salesforce enterprise solutions.

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Developer Advocate

@ MuleSoft


Content Creator

@ ProstDev


MuleSoft for Salesforce Developers

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7 developer tutorials to get started with MuleSoft



Learn MuleSoft with these community resources for beginners


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Migrate your old Anypoint Platform trial account to a new one to continue your training


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Merge your training accounts to keep certifications and past training resources


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#Codetober 2022 -

31 days of DataWeave learning!

Video list

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DataWeave Scripts 

GitHub repo

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How did you become a developer advocate?

I started creating content for my previous companies' blogs and then created ProstDev to help other co-workers get started as content creators! This helped me gain basic knowledge of SEO, marketing, social networks, community, etc. Then I just applied for a job and got it 😁

How did you become a DataWeave expert?

I had to use it a lot in previous projects and the requirements were very complex. I needed to create performant code because the applications were massive, so I had to learn how to do this. You can also try to:

  • Search for existing DataWeave questions in the Mule forums or in StackOverflow (even if they've already been answered)

  • Read all the DataWeave docs and try out different examples to see how the behavior changes

  • Consume a lot of content from the community and learn how they use it or what problems they solved

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