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✨ alex ✨ martinez

software engineer turned dev advo 🥑

published author 📖
I rate video games 🎮

eris & waffle 🐱 🐶

she/they pronouns 🏳️‍🌈


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A practitioner's guide to deploying MuleSoft APIs and Integrations for Salesforce enterprise solutions.

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Developer Advocate

@ MuleSoft


Founder & Editor

@ ProstDev



@ Women Who Code MTY


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useful resources

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7 developer tutorials to get started with MuleSoft


Learn MuleSoft with these community resources for beginners

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Migrate your old Anypoint Platform trial account to a new one to continue your training

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Merge your training accounts to keep certifications and past training resources


How to run locally the DataWeave Playground Docker Image

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DataWeave 2.0 core functions cheatsheet

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#Codetober 2021 -

31 days of DataWeave learning!

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DataWeave Scripts

GitHub repository



how are you?

I'm fine, thank you. How are you?

how did you become a developer advocate?

I started creating content for my previous companies' blogs and then created ProstDev to help other co-workers get started as content creators! This helped me gain basic knowledge of SEO, marketing, social networks, community, etc. Then I just applied for a job and got it 😁

how did you become a DataWeave expert?

I had to use it a lot in previous projects and the requirements were very complex. I needed to create performant code because the applications were massive, so I had to learn how to do this. You can also try to:

  • Search for existing DataWeave questions in the Mule forums or in StackOverflow (even if they've already been answered)

  • Read all the DataWeave docs and try out different examples to see how the behavior changes

  • Consume a lot of content from the community and learn how they use it or what problems they solved

is it true you can recite jurassic park?

yes, yes it is.

well, maybe not all of it but like an 85% for sure. Only the first movie tho