Horizon Forbidden West

Wrote on Jan 2023 | Categories: fighting, open world, shooting, favorites


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If you liked Zero Dawn as much as me, you'd definitely enjoy Forbidden West much more. All the basic mechanics are there and the story continues right where you left off. The main difference is that you get to do way more things that you couldn't do before - like the ability to climb mountains or slide through the air. You can take a look at some features of the new gameplay here:


Of course, there are new challenges, new machines, and new characters; but it's pretty much an improved version of the previous game, in my opinion. My favorite new feature is that there are more melee attacks to perform as opposed to the previous game where you couldn't kill a lot of machines with your spear. But then again, I'm more of a close-combat attacks kinda person 😄
I'm not sure if I don't remember how hard the other machines were, but I feel like these machines were waayyy harder to beat. At one point I decided to just change the difficulty from normal to easy because I was getting too frustrated and I wasn't enjoying the game anymore. Once I did this, it was still a bit hard to beat them, but it was more of a "healthy challenge" for me 😂
Someone told me they thought the first game was kind of repetitive in the sense that you just had to kill machines over and over again. Which, I agree, but that's why I enjoy these games! So if that's not what you're into, then maybe you won't enjoy them that much.
Plus, I love a strong female character as a lead 💜


Same as the previous game, I'm giving a 5/5 rating. Everything is just beautiful.


  • New/improved abilities: climbing, sliding, improved swimming, improved melee attacks, more machines to override
  • Same mechanics
  • Story continues from the last game
  • Same main characters + new main characters
  • Machines are harder to kill IMO