Red Dead Redemption II

Wrote on Aug 2021 | Categories: open world, shooting



Last week I did my GTA 5 review, now it's time for Red Dead Redemption 2!
So these two games have something in common: they were both developed by Rockstar Games. Their mechanics and the type of game are similar. I should've liked this game because I liked almost everything about GTA. But guess what? It bored me soooooo much.
After some weeks of analysis on why I hated it, I think the biggest annoying thing about it (for me) was that you only had a horse to move around the map. Depending on which horse you have, it can be slow or fast (you need money to buy a better horse). BUT that's not it. The horse has a stamina level, which means that it cannot be running all the time or it can get tired. This sucked when you needed/wanted to travel huge distances because it'd take forever to get there. There's also not a "fast travel" option until idk which level but you can only travel from your bed to other places. So you still have to go to your bed FIRST and then travel from there. I still have to go back the same distance!!!
Ok sorry for my big paragraph XD
The thing is that I didn't like to have to ride a horse that gets tired and will take me forever to get to places. This was a huuuuge annoyance for me. Because of that I didn't even explore anything - because I didn't want to get too far.
At some point I just did the main missions to get over the story, but they weren't interesting for me neither lol. I kept skipping all the dialogs because I wasn't interested on what they were saying.
In the end I realized I wasn't enjoying it at all and I just wanted to get it over with, so I didn't continue playing. I think I only got to like 40-50% of the story.
I didn't play Red Dead Redemption I, btw. Maybe that's why I wasn't interested in the story? We'll never know :)