Wrote on Jan 2023 | Categories: horror, platform, puzzle


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This is a cute creepy game. You get a feeling of uneasiness very similar to Little Nightmares, but this kinda art is way simpler than LN. Check out a quick trailer to see a bit of the gameplay I'm talking about:


You basically can only go left, right, up, or down. There's no 3D play at any time like there is in Little Nightmares.
The story is very abstract. It doesn't really give you any explanation, there are no dialogs, and you can't even see the characters - only their shadows. So, it's pretty much left open for interpretation. The meaning you find will be a reflection of your trauma I guess 😆 jk.
But anyway, I really enjoyed the puzzles (up until the last ones that were way harder than the first ones), the feeling of uneasiness was spot on, I thought the story was disturbing (according to my own interpretation), and it wasn't that long to play so I really had a great time with it 😁
It is a very good game. Can't wait to play Inside, which is the next game from the same developer.


I'll give it a 4/5 though because I did enjoy it a lot, but it's too short to consider it one of my favorites.


  • Similar feeling of uneasiness, like in Little Nightmares
  • 2D gameplay
  • Abstract story - the meaning of the game is left to your interpretation
  • Great puzzles but harder near the end
  • Short game