Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity

Wrote on May 2021 | Categories: fighting, multiplayer, favorites


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And to continue with the Zelda theme here, one of the latest games I've played is this one: Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity.
It continues the Breath of the Wild story (the previous game I published) and it has a beautiful twist. I read some review that said "It's a love letter to Breath of the Wild" and I couldn't agree more.
This one is not an open world, and it has way more limitations. Most of the missions are timed, so you have to be very quick with the stuff you do and you can't really explore. But hey I did mention that I loved fighting with monsters in the previous game, so this one was perfect for me.
Basically what happens here is that you get to play as different characters, whereas in Breath of the Wild you only played as Link. And you just have to fight the bad guys! That's basically all you do. You have a fixed time to fight the enemies and you get to choose your character. It's not like Smash or Mortal Kombat, if that's what you're thinking. The mechanics and visuals are still like Breath of the Wild, but here you kind of have to follow a specific path and do specific things, so it's not a real open-world.
It's also not as long as BOTW, it's wayyyyy quicker to finish (prolly some weeks). Anyway, some people didn't like it because they were expecting it to be like BOTW and it's not. BUT it has co-op!! I was able to play with my wife and fight the bad guys and it was awesome.


I give it 5/5 :D