The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Wrote on Dec 2023 | Categories: fighting, open world, rpg



Was that like the longest game ever?? I mean, I didn't finish it all. Not even close to 100% completion. There are just wayyy too many things to do!! 🫨
I mean it is cool in the sense that you can do whatever you want and you can focus on whatever you want to focus on. There are little card games that you can play against other characters if you're really into that - you can even collect cards! I think I only played those once when I was going through the tutorial haha but it was definitely not the biggest part for me at all.
You can also focus on exploring the map, hunting beasts, gathering weapons, brewing potions, meeting people, saving people...Oofff, just a bunch of stuff to do!
BECAUSE of that very same reason, I kinda went crazy at one point because I really didn't know what to do :( On one sense, it kinda reminded me of Assassin's Creed Valhalla cause that was pretty much what I kept doing all the time: just exploring the map and seeing what side quests were out there. However, I could see an end to Valhalla's map and I never really saw an end to this Witcher's map. It was wayyy too big.
There are a LOT of things to do. I did like fighting the monsters though. But again, I never saw the end of it! So I just stopped trying at one point and started focusing on the main quests only.
The other sad thing for me was that the story seemed to be really cool, but I was not really familiar with a lot of details. I didn't play the previous Witcher games, so I really don't know what I'm missing here. That seemed like a bummer cause the story is very interesting and engaging. Maybe if I were more familiar with the story I'd keep playing to discover more secrets.
I never really used any of the alchemy options. Perhaps only once or twice when I needed to. But I was not a fan of mixing ingredients or creating potions, so I just relied on my weapons to progress in the game - which was maybe a bit harder but it was good enough.
Some of the weapon options also reminded me a bit of God of War 4 in the sense that you could use runes to improve your weapons or your clothes. I never used them though. Again, I felt too overwhelmed with everything that was going on around me that I never really focused on that. Besides, I'd change my weapons/clothes like it was underwear lol so I didn't see the point of making them stronger if I kept finding even stronger stuff.
There are also parts where it supposedly gives you options to guide the conversation in one way or a different way, but I never really felt like my choices made a difference at all. It was just like a false sense of control I guess. Although the story was pretty good I didn't feel like I needed to change the narrative.
Maybe I would've enjoyed this game more if I had more time to play it, if I understood the backstory, and if I didn't feel so overwhelmed with the number of things that I could choose to do. For this reason, I'm giving it 4/5. I guess it could be 3.5/5 because I didn't enjoy it as much, unfortunately, but it does contain all of the things I normally love in open-world games 🤷‍♀️


I think I would def love to try a Witcher 4, though, even if I'm still not 100% familiar with the story :D so i'll settle for a 4/5


  • Really long game / huge map
  • In-game card games / collections
  • Hunt monsters
  • Fight other characters
  • Find treasures
  • Mix potions
  • Make weapons / clothes
  • Great story, but not familiar with the previous games / backstory
  • Generally an overwhelming feeling of too many things to do!