Beat Saber

Wrote on May 2021 | Categories: music, physically active, favorites



Beat Saber!!!! ❤️ I love this game so much. It's a VR game, you do have to purchase a VR set to be able to play it either on a PC or on PS4. Believe me, it's worth it.
As you can see in the picture, you get some squares and you have to use your lightsabers to cut them in half depending on which way the arrow is pointing to.
It includes some music already, but you can purchase new music from another artists, for example, Imagine Dragons. Kind of like a guitar-hero kinda game.
You can search in YouTube some gameplays to have a better idea of what I mean. They're so awesome!! And if you worry about not being able to play the game, don't worry, it starts from a beginner level and teaches you the skills you need to become an expert. It's so perfect ❤️
Bonus - it makes you exercise!!! I end up all sweaty every time. Specially if you try to go all out moving your body and arms as far as you can. Some blog posts say that this is like playing Tennis, and I used to play around 3 hours a day!
This is one of my absolute favorite games, but now I don't play it too much because I need to have some space to be able to move around and not hit anything.


I'll still give it 5/5 😁