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This is a great upgrade from Limbo. You get basically the same eerie feeling but this art is a bit more complex. You still have a 2D world, don't get me wrong, but the background doesn't look so 2D. Check out the video to see what I mean 😅


You can move left or right, jump (up), and fall (down). Same as Limbo. However, I feel like having more colors and more of a 3D feeling gave it a bit more context to the story. Limbo was pretty much black/white and had more of a 2D art.
Regarding the puzzles, I felt like they were more straightforward or easier to accomplish. I think I only had to Google around 2 😂 whereas in Limbo I was pretty much stuck by the end -- they were either too hard to do or not as easy to figure out. But not here. All the puzzles were easier to figure out but they had the appropriate level of challenge so you kept feeling engaged.
I finished it in two days (maybe around 1-2 hours per day?) because I got very scared with one scene and I didn't want to keep playing 😂 but it's a short game for sure. You could finish it in one go if you have the time. In fact, I think most people do finish it in one go because the story keeps getting more interesting each time! The ending was just...unexpected 😂
I'm kind of bummed that these are the only two games from Playdead. They're amazing games. I saw they're already working on a third one. I can't wait to play it! In the meantime, these will have to do


I'm giving this a 4.5/5 LOL
I don't want to just give it a 4, but it's also not one of my favorites because it's so short (just because of that!). Maybe their next game will make it to my favorites ;)


  • 2D gameplay
  • 3D art
  • Eerie feeling (like Little Nightmares and Limbo)
  • More intuitive puzzles but challenging enough to keep the engagement
  • Short game
  • Great story