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You can find all the DataWeave content in ProstDev here (written by me or other authors).

DataWeave developer tutorials (MuleSoft) can be found here.

More content about this can be found on the #Codetober videos here.

Exposing DataWeave: Map+Filter vs. Reduce - which is faster?

5 Ways to Use MuleSoft’s Magical Transformation Language: DataWeave

codeLive: Using the DataWeave extension for Visual Studio Cod

DataWeave scripts to clean your XML/HTML code snippets for a WordPress blog post

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My top 5 DataWeave tips to make your life easier

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How to check for empty values in an array in DataWeave (Parts 1-4)

Match / case for literal values in DataWeave 2.0. Under 30 seconds! | Getting to the point

DataWeave 2.0 core functions cheatsheet

Extracting digits from a string in DataWeave 2.0 using flatten, scan, joinBy. Under 30 seconds!

3 ways to concatenate objects in DataWeave 2.0. Under 30 seconds! | Getting to the point

How to review concatenation functions in DataWeave 2.0

How to run locally the DataWeave Playground Docker Image

Understanding the "illegal base64 character" error (Java, Groovy and Mule 4 - DW 2.0)

Custom Modules in Mule 4 - DataWeave 2.0

Combining Objects: Concatenation in DW 2.0

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