Grand Theft Auto V

Wrote on Aug 2021 | Categories: open world, shooting



So I really liked GTA! I've been playing it for months and I was trying to get the 100% completion but I think I finally just gave up. I got to 85% tho!
The story is super racist, sexist, ableist, and everything that's wrong with the world BUT the gameplay is really cool. I love how you can choose different vehicles to use throughout the whole story - boats, aircrafts, helicopters, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, you name it.
You also have a TON of activities to do around the city. You can do yoga, tennis, golf, darts, buy clothes, go to the movies, have some drinks...There's just so much to do! And you also have like optional mini-missions to do with random people that you find around the city.
Rockstar games are normally like this. They offer you several things to do so you don't get bored playing the same thing. You get to meet hundreds of people and play a lot of missions.
I really enjoyed this game and being able to explore the city. Especially when we're on a pandemic. It kind of gave me the feeling that I was free to drive around the city or go to the movies or stuff like that. Plus, I really love big cities.


I'll give it a 4/5 because the story and the characters are just awful :'D but I really enjoyed the gameplay.