God of War 4

Wrote on May 2021 | Categories: fighting, shooting, favorites



I had already *seen* (cause I didn't play it but I watched while someone was playing) God of War 3 and it looked awesome, but it didn't convince me to play. THIS one tho...⁠
k so you're basically this big guy and you hate the gods so much cause they're a bunch of selfish conceited narcissists. In the previous game you basically killed them all (or almost all) and I don't remember why...⁠
But anyway! In this game, it all starts with your wife's passing and your son hates you because you never really tried to bond with him and you just tell him he's weak all the time (lol dad of the year). And then out of a sudden a guy comes and tries to kill you and the adventure starts!⁠
The whole game you just kill mythical creatures or gods or demi-gods along with your kid :D⁠
I have to be honest tho, I had to set the easiest level because I wasn't very good at these fights xD and I'm not a fan of getting frustrated during a hobby (getting frustrated is my day job ;)⁠


This is so a 5/5 :3 I would've liked a bit more guidance on the map tho. Some stuff was super hard to find and I ended up just googling where they were xD but ohwell maybe it's just me.