Ring Fit Adventure

Wrote on May 2021 | Categories: physically active



Thiiissss game...I end up soooo exhausted in like 10-15 min 😂 but honestly it's a great workout.
You need to buy both the actual set (the ring and the other thingie for your leg) and the video game. Normally you can find both of them together in Amazon.
There is a game that you can follow where you have to defeat monsters while running and attacking them using the ring. It's all cardio and a bit of strength in your arms to be able to "shoot."
If you don't want to do that tho, and you want to focus on specific parts of your body, like arms, core, legs, etc. There's also another option where you can select the body parts you want to work on and it'll give you a set of exercises to do with the ring. I promise: you do sweat 😂
The video game is not great but that's not the goal. The goal is to exercise and it does a very good job with that! I would love to see more engaging video games in the future though, where you could actually enjoy what you're playing (like Beat Saber, cough cough).


I give it 3/5 cause you do have to want to exercise and if that's not your goal, you may stop using it (like me).