Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Wrote on May 2021 | Categories: multiplayer, racing



There's not a lot that I can say about this game that you may not already know (woah that was a weird phrasing 😂).⁠
Basically you get to race other players, choose the track, customize your car, and choose your character. The twist is that you can attach other players while racing 😁⁠
You can play alone vs. the computer, or you can play in your living room with up to 4 friends (the screen will split so everyone can see their track), or you can play with other friends online!⁠
It's not all about racing, you can also choose other games like to pick up coins, or to shoot each other's balloons (these ones are played by teams as opposed to individuals).⁠
It's great for a party, tbh.⁠


I give it 4/5 because I really like it when there are friends involved, but not too much for you on your own (unless you just want to practice to beat your friends later).