AVICII Invector

Wrote on Nov 2023 | Categories: multiplayer, music
I really liked this game. I love to play different music games, especially the ones that are using top hits or EDM.
One of my absolute favorite music games (that no longer exists) is the Tap Tap Revenge 4 game app, which I used to play on an iPod.
queue the old lady voice saying "back in the day..." 👵🏼
It was pretty much like a lightweight version of Guitar Hero but with your fingers 😁 (and free). I've been very much in love of any music games.
This game, however, is a bit more complicated (in my opinion) because you have to press several buttons and move around the platform (left or right). Maybe it's more similar to Guitar Hero but I feel it still has more buttons haha
Besides that, I love Avicii's music and I feel really sad that he's gone. This game was very lovely and you can feel the creator's grief and love for him. It's a beautiful love letter apart from being an awesome music game. Check it out 👇



The game's supposed to be multiplayer, but I never got to try out this option, to be honest with you. I still added the hashtag at the top just in case someone finds it and wants to try it out. Feel free to let me know how your experience was with it!
I think I played this game non-stop for like 8 hours or so hahaha I was really into it. The experience is better if you play it on Switch (without connecting the TV) and use wired headphones to try to keep the music delay to a minimum. Also, the tunes just sound way better this way.
It was absolutely beautiful and fun, but I am kind of stuck on the first levels of all the songs. My hand-eye coordination just doesn't let me try out the harder levels 😆 but you can totally try out all the songs in the easiest level, which I really appreciate.




  • More similar to Guitar Hero than to Tap Tap Revenge.
  • Haven't tried the multiplayer option but it's supposed to be available.
  • Play it directly on the console and with wired headphones.
  • Need a lot of hand-eye coordination 🥴