Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee!

Wrote on Jun 2021 | Categories: rpg, multiplayer



This was a short game! I had also played this game in a Game Boy Advance SP (ya know...the ones that fold) but I actually never finished it. This time I did!⁠
I really liked the mechanics of using the Nintendo Switch's controllers to throw the pokeballs. That was super fun. Also - Eevee is so freaking cute! I loved everything about this character.⁠
I have to be honest, I was trying to get all the pokemons in my pokedex but I finally gave up xD They're just too much.⁠
I mean there's a lot of stuff to do even after finishing the main story, so, if you really liked the game you can still play it! And if you play Pokemon GO, you can kind of sync your pokemons with this game too, which is awesome.⁠
Overall, it's a super cute game to spend the time and if you're having trouble with some gym leaders you can always just use the second controller as a second player and beat them with help :D⁠


4/5 because it was so short lol but I really enjoyed it.