Super Metroid

Wrote on May 2021 | Categories: platform, puzzle



LOL this game...So in Switch you have some options to play NES and SNES video games, and I tried a lot of them but I didn't really like them...Except for SUPER METROID!
'Till this day I still don't know why I liked it 😂 I don't normally like old games (cause I didn't grow up with them). But idk, there was just something about this one that kept me engaged. I got obsessed with it at one point and I couldn't stop playing.
At some parts it was so harrdddd and I had to Google how to get over something, or how to achieve something lol (I get frustrated easily 😆), but it was still a good game.
I give it 3.5/5 because while I did like it, I don't think I'd play it again. And since it's an old game, I didn't like the graphics lol. But I'd think about buying it if they got a new version (like Mario Kart).