Cat Quest

Wrote on Jan 2024 | Categories: favorites, fighting, rpg


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Um... a cat that does quests and fights and looks so damn cute? YES, PLEASE!
This is a short and easy game, but I absolutely loved every single second of this video game. The characters are so funny (and cute), the graphics in general are amazing in their cartoony way, the quests are not that hard (but you can still choose to make them hard), the music is so cool and relaxing and adventur-y, and did I say the cat is super cute?
I wasn't sure if I liked RPG games. I had only played Pokemon before this (which I really liked), but now I think I'm getting the hang of it. Besides, the real-time combat made it just perfect for me (cause I like melee fights).
There are a lot of cat noises
and they are so CUTE!!! LOL I think I loved this game bc they are cats
Anyway, apart from all that cuteness overload, it is a very fun game if you like combat in a more cartoony way. As you can see from the trailer, you can choose to attack with melee weapons or to do magic spells. I, of course, tried to use melee as much as possible. But even the spells make the experience so much fun.
You can choose from different weapons and you can change your clothes too. And they are... SO CUTE.
I can't wait to keep playing these games. They make me really happy.


There is no surprise in this - 5/5


  • Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute
  • Lots of cats
  • Short game
  • Easy quests (or hard if you go to the higher-level ones)
  • Beautiful music
  • Lots of melee weapons
  • Magic spells to attack
  • Cute armour to choose from
  • The cutest game.
  • Love it.
  • Give me more pls.