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Video Game Ratings: Until Dawn (Personal Review)

Updated: May 5


Until Dawn

My Rating



Narrative, Horror / Scary / Creepy


Buy for PS4.

I had played the previous two games I mentioned (Spyro and Crash) first when I was little, in the PS1. But I bought them again for Switch around 2018-2019.

This game though, it was the first game I played when I was an adult. Until Dawn is kind of a horror game that makes you feel you're inside a horror movie. Not only that! It features a psychiatrist that asks you questions to know which things are more scary for you (for example spiders vs. centipedes) - and depending on what you answer, is what the game is gonna show you more!

Besides that, the other beautiful thing is that you have to make choices during the whole game, and those choices have consequences later. You play as the different characters (depending on which part of the "movie" you're in) and if you make a wrong choice, the character may die.

Absolutely love this game. I've played it with friends and it's so much more fun that way. I also played it alone at night and it does give you the chills 😁. Total play-through is around 10 hours. Great for a pj party :)

7/5 lol I love this one so much.

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