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Video Game Ratings: Nintendo Labo - Robot Kit (Personal Review)

Categories: #physicallyactive

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I know this is supposed to be for kids, but come on! You get to build a "robot" out of cardboard and see how the controls "read" your movements and translate them into the video game.

If I ever have kids, I'm doing all of this with them all over again. Yes, it took me several hours to assemble xD BUT IT WAS WORTH IT.

Also, I didn't have a VR set at that time and it was an awesome workaround :)

In summary, if you have kids and want them to get into a STEM career, this is one hella gift. Just be patient when building everything (it's not really hard, you even get video animations explaining how to assemble everything, it's just a bunch of work :'D).

I give it 4/5 because it is amusing at first and you learn a LOT from it (as an adult), but I quickly lost interest after I built it and played with it for days lol. It's not hard to beat all the levels, so once I did that it was kind of over for me. DON'T GET ME WRONG, I will definitely buy the other sets (I think there are like cars and submarines or something like that) when I have more time. But I think it'd be a whole lot better if I got to explain the functionality to kids who are interested in stuff like this.

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