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Video Game Ratings: Life is Strange (Personal Review)

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Games from this series (by release date):

  1. Life is Strange

  2. Life is Strange: Before the Storm

  3. Life is Strange 2

  4. Life is Strange: True Colors

My heart...Y'all, this game is so heartbreaking. It's more like a movie than a game (kind of like Until Dawn, but this is not a horror story).⁠

So basically it starts with a story and you're this teenage girl. You can walk around, pick up objects, inspect stuff, and it's like you're playing inside this movie.⁠

It'll ask you to decide stuff sometimes and, well, just as in Until Dawn, the future will be changed depending on what you chose to do.⁠

This one is not about horror, it's about some teens and...The end of the world?⁠ It gets darker tho o.o

I really liked it, but some people don't like these kind of games because you're not actually "playing" - you're just kind of exploring and deciding stuff to continue with the "movie."⁠

I give it 5/5 'cause it touched my heart. I know there are more parts of this story, but I haven't had the pleasure of playing them yet.

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