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Video Game Ratings: Horizon Zero Dawn (Personal Review)

Categories: #fighting #openworld #shooting #favorites

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Games from this series (by release date):

  1. Horizon Zero Dawn

  2. Horizon Forbidden West

This is also one of my favorite gameeesss 💜⁠

I love her sooo muchhh⁠

Ok so in this one you're basically this badass living in a kind of post-apocalyptic world where the machines are the predators (crocodile-like, horse-like, cheetah-like, etc.) and almost all of the animals are now extinct. The few humans that are left are these tribes that don't know anything about the previous world or how the machines were created.⁠

I don't want to talk a lot about the story because it's sooo goooodddd. I'm just gonna say that she's so freaking badass and I love her so much.⁠

About the mechanics, I didn't love that you have to shoot almost all the time. You do get to have different kinds of weapons but most of them are stuff that you point + shoot. The melee weapons are not that powerful at first, so you can't really kill machines with them because they may immediately kill you. You have to think it through and attack from a distance.⁠

And although I don't LOVE shooting stuff, it does give you kind of power-ups to slow down time when falling or stuff like that, and that made it WAY easier and more enjoyable for me.⁠

5/5 no doubt. I can't wait for the second game 💜

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