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Video Game Ratings: Bad Dream Fever (Personal Review)

Background photo by Carl Raw on Unsplash.


Bad Dream Fever

My Rating



Puzzle, Horror / Scary / Creepy



If you're thinking "hmm this looks familiar" it's because the creators of this game (Bad Dream Fever) are the same that created Bad Dream Coma (the previous game I posted).

I thought this one would be basically the same core thing from Bad Dream Coma, but I didn't like this game that much. I haven't even finished it yet because I got stuck and I couldn't advance in the story. I tried to do so many different things but I couldn't crack it in days, so I just lost interest in it 😕

I still wanted to mention it tho because if you liked Bad Dream Coma, you may also try this one out and see if you like it.

I give it 2/5 😔 - I didn't enjoy it that much and I thought it wasn't as creepy as the other one. But it's also not the worst game.

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