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Video Game Ratings: Assassin's Creed Valhalla (Personal Review)

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I didn't play this one entirely, but I did a good part of it. So I'm including it here because I feel like I played almost all of it too xd⁠

What can I say? I really enjoyed being a viking and raiding villages lol - there are a lot of things to do besides that. You can 'solve' mysteries, find treasures, burn stuff, play board games, and more fun stuff.⁠

I especially loved the kind of mixup between the Gods like Odin or Loki and the humans. It sort of made me feel inside a God of War/AC crossover (which is dope).⁠

I think this makes it to my favorite games. I'd honestly play more games like this if the story continues (specifically this vikings story). I like the general AC story, but the other games haven't felt this much fun. I guess it's because this is the only vikings one.⁠

So, yeah! 5/5 :)

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