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The best of 2020: MuleSoft Community Awards

Jan 11, 2021 | MuleSoft

We want to take a moment to reflect and recognize some of the best of the best in our Community who helped our entire MuleSoft ecosystem thrive in 2020. These individuals are always eager to help others, make the best of some of the toughest times, and continuously create highly valuable content for others in the Community.

Community influencers

Alexandra Martinez: MuleSoft Ambassadress, Women Who Mule Meetup co-Leader, Online Group- Spanish Meetup Leader, Toronto Meetup co-Leader, and Sr. MuleSoft Developer at Bits in Glass. Alexandra runs ProstDev, a Community-led blog encouraging others to become technical writers, she helps women gain confidence in their coding abilities as a member of Women Who Code, and has mentored many of our Meetup Leaders!

Check out all of the other MuleSoft Community contributors here:

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