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TECH IT EASY Podcast | Intro

Apr 5, 2021 | ProstDev

Hello everyone, welcome to TECH IT EASY! In this podcast we'll talk about some real-life horror stories from the IT industry to understand and analyze what's going on and how we can better react or manage them.

What does "horror stories" mean? Almost everyone in IT have experienced at least one of these stories. Extra-hours without pay, burnout, bad clients, ridiculous timelines, and the list goes on.

IT has some of the best advantages like being able to work from home, be a self-taught developer, having flexible working hours, and so on; but in this podcast, we want to focus on the bad side of IT and look for ways to make it better. We will be sharing our points of view, discuss, and analyze these situations to better understand just what's going on in IT and why are all of these problems so normal.


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