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Newsletter #3 - The calm before the storm

This was a busy week! Exciting things are coming this month.

Last week (Sep 6 - 12) there were a ton of events! Keep posted for my next newsletter, there'll be an exciting announcement for all Muleys! 👀


MuleSoft needs our help! If you're a MuleSoft developer or architect, please take a moment to fill out this survey. This will help us know how we're doing and what we can improve.

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I'm not necessarily a speaker in all of these, but I am related to the following events somehow. I could be either an attendee, a co-organizer, a moderator, or just someone cool who wanted to promote them 😜

Last week

Upcoming this month

Blog posts

Because I don't really have a newsletter for ProstDev, I'm gonna list some of those articles here as well. Not all of these are created by me. I may just be reviewing some of them 👀

Updated last week

Published last week

Upcoming this month

  • How to create a README file for your GitHub profile, part 1: Intro to Git, GitHub, and README files

  • MuleSoft Runtime Fabric Deployed on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) - Part 2: Management & Operations

  • How to create a README file for your GitHub profile, part 2: Markdown basics

More exciting updates!

  • Started volunteering at the WILL program from Olascoaga! I was part of this mentorship program some months ago and I really enjoyed it. Wellp, I'm happy to announce that I'll be a mentor again! I love passing down my experience and knowledge to STEM students and influence in the next generation of women in STEM careers 💜

Twitter feed

I'll leave you with my Twitter feed so you can see some of the updates IRL 😁

Let me hear back from you! Are you liking this newsletter so far? Would you like to see different content? More content? Less content? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch!

I hope to see you next week!


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