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Newsletter #1 - Just getting started!

Fun fact: I thought about this newsletter idea at around 4 am after I got up to pee. TMI?

Welcome to the first issue of this brand-new newsletter!

Last week (Aug 22nd - 28th) I was mainly busy with some training, but that's done! Time to go back to work 🤓


First of all, I wanted to announce that I'm no longer a MuleSoft Meetup Leader! Unfortunately, I'm getting too busy with work and I'd rather give someone else the opportunity to shine ✨

So, if you wanted to apply yourself or recommend someone, feel free to reach out!

Check out all the MuleSoft meetups here.


I'm not necessarily a speaker in all of these, but I am related to the following events somehow. I could be either an attendee, a co-organizer, a moderator, or just someone cool who wanted to promote them 😜

Last week

Upcoming this week

Blog posts

Because I don't really have a newsletter for ProstDev, I'm gonna list some of those articles here as well. Not all of these are created by me. I may just be reviewing some of them 👀




  • How to create a README file for your GitHub profile, part 1: Intro to Git, GitHub, and README files

  • How to create a README file for your GitHub profile, part 2: Markdown basics

  • Notification center for new versions of connectors/modules in Anypoint Studio 7.10.0

More exciting updates!

  • Congrats to the top Q2 MuleSoft Community Contributors! I feel so proud of each and every one of these individuals. I'm glad that ProstDev has been helping people around the world! Read the full article here.

  • New GitHub Profile I created a README file to introduce myself in my GitHub profile! Check it out here.

  • UPCOMING EVENT on September 29th. Women Who Mule - Workshop series: Create your own blog from scratch without a single line of code! RSVP here.

  • Re-designed almost all of my website! In case you hadn't noticed 😄 - If you're familiar with Wix, I basically switched from Wix ADI to the Wix Editor. I have way more freedom now, but at the same time, it took me a LOT of time to do the re-design. Well, it actually took me around 4 days haha so probably not a lot 😆

  • Joined a new community! But I'll give you more updates when we have an official launch 😉

Twitter feed

I'll leave you with my Twitter feed so you can see some of the updates IRL 😁

So, what did you think about this first issue? Liked it? Not really? Leave me a comment below for some suggestions or just to chat!

I hope to see you next week!


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