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Meet the top Q4 MuleSoft Community contributors (2021)

Feb 17, 2021 | MuleSoft

Earning a feature in our Community Roundup is a great accomplishment and means you have helped our Community — whether by answering questions, providing tips and tricks, or mentoring other MuleSoft Developers and Architects.

First-ever Women Who Mule event

As part of our initiative to support diversity in our MuleSoft Community, we held the first-ever Women Who Mule Meetup event with 300 RSVPS! Thank you to our founders and leaders from Accenture, Nisha Sharma; Managing Director Global MuleSoft Director, Maria Chinwala; Technology Architecture Sr. Manager, Aysha Qureshi; Technology Analyst, MuleSoft Ambassadress Alexandra Martinez; and the wonderful Muleys (Amy Olthouse and Sanjna Vernma) who helped make this group come to life.

Video tutorials of the quarter

Extracting digits from a string in DataWeave 2.0 using flatten, scan, joinby by Alexandra Martinez, MuleSoft Ambassadress and Sr. MuleSoft Developer at Bits in Glass. This video offers quick tutorials on how to extract all the digits from a string containing different characters in DataWeave 2.0 in under 30 seconds!

Check out all of the other MuleSoft Community contributors here:

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