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Latinx in Tech - APIs & why they are important today

Mar 19, 2021 | LinkedIn - SHPE-NYC

🚨Tech Event!🚨‬

Join our next SHPE-NYC LatinX in Technology Speaker Series event! We are partnering with Latinas in Tech

‪Fri March 25th ‬

‪6-7PM ET‬


Join us for a discussion on APIs and why they are important today!

We've been hearing a lot about APIs lately, but what really is an API? Join this event to know more about the role that APIs play in today’s world and why should companies start migrating into this. We also learn about a technology that lets you code APIs without having to touch code (yes, it’s MuleSoft!).

Our guest Speaker is Alexandra Martinez, Senior MuleSoft Developer.

Come learn more about APIs and Alexandra's Journey.

The discussion will be moderated by Tatiana Carett, President of Latinas in Tech NY

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