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Hardware for your video recording or live streaming: microphones, webcams, pop filters, arms, lights

So I just finished giving a talk to create a better quality video for our yearly Community Leaders Summit here at MuleSoft, and some people asked me for the links to the products I use for my physical setup.

In the talk, I described some software products or platforms that you can use for your videos, but I didn't share any hardware! Here's a list of things that will be useful for you if you're looking to improve your setup for recording.

Note: See this post for a list of software you can use for recording or live streaming.

Table of Contents

Random Utilities


Microphones & Bundles


Random Utilities

Microphone Arm

This arm can be of any kind, there are cheaper products than this one here. The hard part is not finding the arm, it's finding an arm that works with your microphone. I bought this one in specific because it has different connectors so you can use it with different mics, cameras, lights, or even your phone!

Pop Filter

Here is the pop filter that I use. It's the most generic one that you can use with almost any microphone. You can attach it to your microphone arm or to your desk (if you don't have the arm). This filter is helpful to stop certain noises from reaching your mic. It will give you a better quality sound for your recording.

Elgato Wave Pop Filter

If you decide to use the Elgato microphones, this pop filter is the best for those. Elgato creates great quality hardware for live stream videos.

Elgato Stream Deck

This is one of the best purchases I've ever done. It is a pricey product and it's not super necessary to buy, but it does help you to be more productive. You can look at it as an extra keyboard that you can use to program keystrokes, integrate with Streamlabs OBS, turn on/off your Phillips Hue lights, and more!

There are different models, with more or fewer buttons depending on your needs. I bought the simplest one because you can add "pages" to change screens, so you're not bounded to just 15 buttons.



I'd advise you to look for videos that were recorded using the webcam you want to buy before you buy it. That way you can get a better idea of what the video will look like. But here are some webcams that either I or my coworkers have used.

Dell Ultrasharp 4K

This is my current webcam. I honestly bought it because I saw the software demo and I thought the features were SO cool. BUT sadly the software only works with Windows, so I'm not able to personalize my webcam video because I'm using Mac :( It's still a good camera, though, but I wouldn't have bought it if I knew this from the start. If you're on Windows, then go ahead!!

Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam 1080p

Some of my coworkers are using this webcam and the video looks great! It's also way cheaper than the previous one :)


Microphones & Bundles

Here are some microphones and bundles that I know are good. I haven't tried all of them, but I've heard from people that have used them.

Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio 3rd Gen

This is my current sound bundle. It has a microphone, a console, and headphones. The console is great to take control of your sound for both input (mic) and output (headphones). It might look intimidating at first, but there are videos online to learn how to set it up. I can also help you with it!

I really love this bundle because my headphones' sound has never been better. I've tried different earphones and headphones and none of those are as clear as this one.

IK Multimedia iRig Bundle

This was my very first microphone, tripod, and light! I loved this bundle because it gives you all the basics to get started at a way cheaper price. I no longer use this microphone because I now have my Scarlett Studio mic (previous), but I still use the ring light and the tripod for my cellphone!

Blue Yeti X

Blue Yeti in general is a very nice brand for content creators. In specific, the Blue Yeti X has been tried by a coworker and they really liked it, so I'm adding it here. This is a USB microphone, which might be easier for your setup. It is also cheaper than the previous bundle since this is just the microphone and not the whole set.

HyperX QuadCast S

Another recommendation from a coworker - I liked this one because it has lights, LOL! You can choose this one if it looks more on-brand for you :)

Elgato Wave:3

I really love Elgato for streaming stuff. They have very good things like the Stream Deck or Lights. I've been meaning to try this microphone, but I haven't bought it yet. I have heard good things from it, though. I like it because it has its own pop filter (sold apart).


I will continue updating this article if I get to know more cool hardware to share with you all!

Please comment below or send me a message with your own recommendations! I'd love to hear what hardware you use!

And if you do buy something from this list, let me know about it! I always love to know if my content was helpful 🤗


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