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Gym Diaries Part 3: All the pain

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Ok I know I took way too long to write this post, but there's a perfectly good explanation for that! Or not.

So last time I wrote was on Wed, Sep 1st. I can't remember when I had a session with a trainer. I think it was either Sun, Aug 29, or Sun, Sep 5. Either way...I died. My legs didn't work properly for like 3 days lol, BUT I didn't give up. I decided to sign up to have like 3 or 4 trainer sessions per month.

I went back on Wednesday 8th (last week) to officially sign up and I ended up having a second training session with the same trainer and the same thing happened. My legs died, again. This time I was smarter and took some Aleve to decrease my pain for the next day and thankfully, it worked. My pain wasn't because of the workout. The trainer was super gentle with the exercises I was doing and she always checked up on me to make sure I was ok. It's just that I haven't used my muscles in so long.

The following trainer session was on Saturday, Sep 11th. That was with a new trainer. He became my official trainer for the rest of the sessions. Same as before...Ended up in pain! But same as before, it's not because of the workout or the trainer. It's because my muscles still have to work out a bit more. After this session, he gave me some notes on the workouts we did so I could do them on my own until we meet again.

I didn't get to keep my 3-days/week goal, but I worked out SO much. I feel pretty confident that I'll pick up the pace with a trainer who tells me what to do. Honestly, I never felt 100% sure about using the machines or doing the "right" workouts. This way I'm in the hands of a professional. We'll see the results later!

Post-workout pic!


  • Start day: Sunday, Aug 22nd, 2021

  • Days in this post: 4 (in two weeks).

  • Days in total: 9 days!

We can do this, team! ✨

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