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DataWeave programming challenge #1: Add numbers separated by paragraphs and get the max number


Try to solve this DataWeave challenge to improve your DataWeave skills!

The general idea is that you try to solve them only with the docs and avoid googling or asking a coworker. This will maximize your learning because you will read the docs to search for an appropriate function/operator.

Other tips that I can give you:

🔹 Try to solve it on your own first, with what you know

🔹 Read the docs if you can't solve it on your own

🔹 Check out the provided clues before seeing the answer -- maybe you missed something!

🔹 Try to make it as simple as possible -- All code can be understood by the computer, only great code can be understood by any dev

🔹 Take notes of what you learned -- It can be in a notebook (yes, with pen and paper) or in a GitHub repo. This will help you go back to see what you did when you have a similar case to solve. Also, taking notes on a piece of paper has been proven to enhance your learning!

➡️ This is not intended to be a competition. It's intended for you to learn DataWeave. You don't "win" by copying the answer from someone else and no one will think less of you if you don't solve it. Just try to have fun and learn some new functions :)

Go check it out 👇

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