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#Codetober 2022 - 31 days of DataWeave learning...for the second time!

In case you didn't see the series of videos from last year, you can check out this post to see the full list: Codetober 2021. This year I tried to be more diverse. Last year I did mostly DataWeave content 😄 The range of topics I did this year was way wider. Stuff like:

  • DataWeave (of course)

  • CI/CD

  • Linux (Vagrant)

  • Flex Gateway

  • CloudHub 2.0

  • DataGraph (GraphQL)

  • Community products (Anypoint Platform Chrome extension & MuleFD)

You can check out the full playlist with this and last year's videos by clicking on the button below.


  1. How to look cool while developing DataWeave code 😎 with Visual Studio Code

  2. CI/CD pipelines with GitHub actions for Mule apps or DataWeave libraries

  3. DataWeave's landing page: StackOverflow, Slack, GitHub, Docs, and more!

  4. DateTime formatting in DataWeave (taken from Stack Overflow)

  5. How to create a Linux (Ubuntu) Virtual Machine with Vagrant with a Terminal

  6. How to install Flex Gateway v1.2.0 in connected mode as a Linux service

  7. How to install Flex Gateway v1.2.0 in local mode as a Linux service

  8. DataWeave's update operator vs. update function (taken from Stack Overflow)

  9. How to groupBy 2 or more fields in DataWeave (taken from Stack Overflow)

  10. XML attributes, namespaces, & syntax stuff in DataWeave (Stack Overflow)

  11. How to transform key-value pairs into objects using pluck in DataWeave

  12. Simplified try-catch strategy in DataWeave with the default keyword

  13. Same result different functions: reduce, map & object destructor in DataWeave

  14. Generate random numbers with randomInt, now, uuid, & more in DataWeave

  15. MuleSoft's CloudHub 2.0 overview and demo

  16. Time how long an operation takes in DataWeave with Timer::duration

  17. Set reader and writer configuration properties for data formats in DataWeave

  18. Intro to Anypoint DataGraph (GraphQL) for your REST APIs in MuleSoft

  19. Be more productive with the Anypoint Platform Chrome extension by Edgar!

  20. How to create visual diagrams of your Mule apps (flows, VMs, etc) with mulefd

  21. To use or not to use... map and flatten vs. flatMap in DataWeave

  22. What are recursive functions and how to use them in DataWeave

  23. What are TAIL-recursive functions and how to use them in DataWeave

  24. DataWeave Scripts repo: getDatesArray tail recursive function

  25. DataWeave Scripts repo: daysUntil function (head and tail constructor)

  26. DataWeave Scripts repo: infiniteCountFrom func (head & tail constructor)

  27. How to generate examples from GitHub to open in the DataWeave Playground

  28. How to debug DataWeave scripts in Visual Studio Code

  29. Solving puzzles with DataWeave! Advent of Code 2022

  30. Anypoint API Catalog CLI example using GitHub Actions (CI/CD & Exchange)

  31. Wrap up! What did we learn? Get in touch and give me your feedback!

I also didn't edit these videos because last year it took me forever to edit every video 😄 But I think they still turned out ok.

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See you next year! 👋

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